Ban single-use plastics

There are more environmentally friendly options available, it’s time we take them

To the Editor,

I would like to see a ban on single-use plastics and styrofoam takeout containers.

Some ice cream is served in wax coated containers, so why not all?

Takeout used to come in cardboard or wax-coated paper and straws were paper, which are all compostable.

Maui has banned single-use plastic and styrofoam takeout containers.

The roads and highways are clean after volunteers picked up along them.

The paper and cardboard products are composted and they have less styrofoam to deal with.

California has also banned single-use plastic bags. You can still get a plastic bag when shopping but it is very strong and easy to fold up and keep in a coat pocket or hand bag for next time. I have one I have used for the past year that is still good. I use it for groceries. There are also cloth bags you may purchase.

My husband and I purchased cloth shopping bags that fold into themselves to about a four-inch square for $2.99 plus tax. A small price to pay to start cleaning up the planet. He has two in his coat and I have three in my handbag. We also take them with us when we travel.

There will always be plastic products, but if we can make any change to help the environment we should get started as soon as possible. I want to leave a better world for my grandchildren.

Our pollution is the debt we leave our future generations. If you don’t pay your debts you lose everything!

— Rhonda Nome/Erickson