Cheers to MLA for new flags at Eagle’s Hall

Cheers to MLA for new flags at Eagle’s Hall

Just in time for Remembrance Day, flags were replaced at the Eagles building, Legion

Thank you councillor Scott Anderson and Ms. Judy Button, constituency assistant of Eric Foster.

Before Nov. 11, I had come to you to inquire as to how to obtain new colours for the Eagles building that also houses the Royal Canadian Legion and the Lions. The old ones on the building were ripped and torn from the elements. You wasted no time in helping, along with Ms. Button, and we had our new colours proudly flying above the entrance well in time for Nov. 11. I took the old ones and disposed of them in a respectful and dignified manner befitting their disposal.

On behalf of the Eagle members, thank you for the assistance once again for the new colours — Canada and provincial, that fly proudly above the entrance way, for all of Vernon’s citizens to see.

— Larry Dubray,

Eagles member, Life member Royal Canadian Legion