How willthe Greens pay for it?

How willthe Greens pay for it?

No one would write a blank cheque and they shouldn’t do it at the polls either: reader

The Green Party of Canada has a detailed plan to transition off fossil fuels.

Their costed platform shows how they will pay for it.

The Greens would end hand outs to corporations. The Greens would tax information technology companies that are currently putting Canadians out of work.

Canada could close the tax loopholes that enable wealthy Canadians to legally move their money offshore to avoid paying taxes.

The Paradise Papers named more than 3,000 Canadian companies, trusts, foundations and individuals in the offshore data leak.

Petro Canada, Suncor Energy, Hydro-Quebec, Maple Leaf foods, and the mining giant Glencore are only a few of the corporations that were named.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s chief fundraiser was linked to a Cayman Islands tax scheme. So was Putin, U.S. President Donald Trump’s commerce secretary and more than 120 politicians across the globe.

Three of Canada’s prime ministers were named: Jean Cretien, Paul Martin and Brian Mulroney.

This tax money is desperately needed for health care, education, care of seniors and veterans, affordable housing, mental health and addictions programs, infrastructure improvements, etc.

I hope every voter will ask how the party they support will pay for the plans in their platform. Voters have a right to know how their tax money will be spent.

No one would willingly write a blank cheque in the community and they shouldn’t do it at the polls, either.

Jane Weixl