Geese roam in Parksville Community Park. - File photo

LETTER: Goose cull too costly

The city’s goose culling is outrageously wasteful and expensive!

I agree with Norbert’s excellent insights on the goose dilemma and with Steve’s advice for control and use (Feb. 18).

Most people eat meat with many looking for healthy and organic alternatives to present cruel and unhealthy industrial agricultural growing conditions. Count me in!

But, I don’t have the knowledge, skills or supplies to hunt or butcher geese – are there others that do?

Is the Vernon Fish and Game Club looking for money for worthy projects? Or would small businesses or volunteer groups be interested?

We need a new system to harvest the geese to sell or distribute the meat, feathers, bones, etc.

Then we can be thankful and grateful for nature’s gifts and bounty for food.

After all – we need to kill plants and animals to eat.

Surely a smarter, healthier solution to the abundant goose problem exists. Let’s get on with it!

Roseanne Van Ee