BC Housing in collaboration with Turning Points Collaborative Society announced, May 12, 2020, Vernon’s emergency shelter — housed in the curling club — is the first in the province to introduce sleeping pods to better protect those experiencing homelessness against COVID-19. (Turning Points)

LETTER: Housing audit would derail progress

Morning Star reader proud of what service providers have done thus far with social issues

Councillor Anderson is proposing an audit of supportive housing in Vernon. While this audit occurs he suggests a moratorium on any current and future projects.

I am proud of the work that our city, the social service agencies and the non-profit groups, most notably the Turning Points Collaborative Society, have done over the last few years to address the social issues our city is facing.

We have a 52 unit supportive housing building that opened 18 months ago and since that time we have seen a reduction in homelessness as well as all the issues that go with it.

There are also plans to build another building beside the current one. As someone who lives a few blocks away from the supportive housing, I have personally seen a reduction in problems in the downtown core but recognize that there is more work to be done.

Do not let Councillor Anderson derail the progress we are making with another government study on this issue.

We know what the problems are.

We know how to fix it.

Let’s keep on the track we are on and make our city a leader by showing other communities not only how great Vernon is but that the people, and correspondingly city council, are serious about addressing homelessness now.

Please contact city council and let them know that they need to keep up their work resolving homelessness and not get bogged down in government studies.


Clay Riley

Vernon, B.C.

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