LETTER: Inadequate funding behind Vernon hospital quality

LETTER: Inadequate funding behind Vernon hospital quality

Before asking for a handout, try to fix what you can

Dear Editor,

Re: Margo Pepper’s letter

As a frequent patient, I would agree that the performance of the professionals and staff is generally beyond reproach and I’d be hesitant to place fault on Interior Health.

I see the vast majority of problems to be the result of inadequate funding and there’s not a great deal that can be done about that, short of convincing someone to fire up the mint for a few extra hours a month.

While patients at Vernon Jubilee Hospital deserve all the help they can get, there’s a myriad of other groups (some more deserving than others) with their hands out for funding.

What it boils down to is it should be up to every individual to do everything they can to help themselves first before asking for help.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, modern state of the art equipment is desirable, but maybe not essential, and in some cases temporary repairs can be made to stretch out the funding.

Where possible things should definitely be repaired before being replaced.

J.L. Mawle, Vernon

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