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LETTER: More heads up, please

Communication lacking ahead of public works projects

In the spring, I wrote about how the city did not give notice in our area of street cleaning.

Well, they are at it again on Oct. 19 at 1 p.m. I went to get a drink and the water was brown. I called the water department and was informed they were flushing lines. Sorry, but the only sign I saw was one on 35th Avenue at 3 p.m. that day, after the call. Neighbours confirmed they saw no signs either.

The lady very nicely said to run the water for 10 minutes, which I did so I could have clear water and again for three minutes times that evening for glasses of water after they had completed the job. I would like to know why I should have to pay one of the highest water rates in B.C. for all this extra water that I did not use (not very water-wise).

I get many new alerts all day from the city, as I am signed up for new releases and they cover everything but what is important. Street sweeping and line flushing should be on there for the area being done the day before so we can stock up on water, and not waste it trying to get clean water. Get rid of the signs as I have seen some in areas for a month and go to emails. If you are not signed up, that’s your problem.

If any of the applicants for the position of councillor want an item for a race then communication and transparency would be a good one.

If they are willing to back it up and get the mayor, council and department heads to follow what should be happening.

Garry Haas


About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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