The northern section of the Okanagan Rail Trail. (RDNO photo)

The northern section of the Okanagan Rail Trail. (RDNO photo)

LETTER: Rail trail insurance woes

As the result of the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) planning for the proposed Rail Trail along the CP Rail corridor, which crosses our farm property, in February we found ourselves without insurance of any kind – fire, wind, liability, contents, etc.

The conditions RDNO set for our utilization of the 129-year-old crossing of the corridor were so onerous and one-sided, putting all responsibility on us, and hence our insurance company, that our policy was cancelled.

It took about a month to place a policy with Lloyd’s of London, with an increase in premium of over 60 per cent.

Please bring this to the attention of those of your readers who utilize a private railway crossing for access.

I suggest they contact the Canadian Transportation Agency in Ottawa at 877-850-7148 to formalize the crossing.

Unless they do, they may find themselves in the same scary, dangerous insurance situation that we were.

Peter and Ann

Vander Sar,