Letter: Reject housing motion

Re: Requested Audit of BC Housing.

I do not support this audit at all.

Over the past several decades, I have worked with individuals within our community who are desperate for housing, including seniors, youth and adults.

This audit would stop housing projects not just for those who are homeless but for those who are wanting to downsize, live within walking distance of grocery stores, and attending their medicals needs, etc.

I have worked with service providers in the community for over 25 years.

Vernon is just starting to move toward a place where there is significant housing being built, which we desperately need.

I personally know of an individual (working for $19.25 an hour) who had to stop working because she could not find an affordable place to rent, and others (my massage therapist) who had to leave Vernon because she could not find housing that was affordable in our community.

She made a decent wage, was a valuable asset to our community, but she could not make it here.

Putting the brakes on BC Housing makes no sense and will ultimately put Vernon back several decades.

It baffles me that city councillor Scott Anderson would even put forward such a motion.

We should be doing everything we can to ensure BC Housing continues to work with our community to achieve affordable housing for seniors, youth, adults and the homeless.

Housing is a need and one that everyone deserves.

Affordable housing is a must.

Please reject this motion.

Emelia Gazsity