LETTER: Something fishy about new pool

LETTER: Something fishy about new pool

Are you ready for the “Pie-in-the-Sky” announcement from the city?

A brand new aquatic centre!

Want whipped cream on it as well?

That would be the cost of the land which the city hasn’t identified yet (probably looking for some swamp/marsh that the owner wants five times more than what it is actually worth!).

Each elected council always wants a legacy project that costs a ton, knowing that when the final bill comes in, they won’t be around to be held accountable!

Need proof? Kal Tire Place was way over budget so who knew from the beginning?

Or, more importantly, where are they now?

Next item: some smooth-talking politician from Kelowna shows up, wearing a fancy pinstripe suit, smoking a fat cigar, while handing out free Timmies and promises to help get rid of the waste we create, Kelowna would pay 70 per cent while all we had to do would be to donate a paltry 30 per cent!

Seems he forgot to mention that we had to donate the land as well as absorb 100 per cent of the stink!

If council really wants to leave a legacy, why don’t they solve past problems instead creating more new ones?

Gary Biro