LETTER: Sour grapes Wilkinson

LETTER: Sour grapes Wilkinson

To the editor:

I am proud to be Canadian, especially right now.

Regardless of political stripe, Trudeau and all his provincial premiers have deliberately signalled they are fighting for a common cause. I’ve heard B.C.’s John Horgan give credit to Alberta’s Jason Kenny, and Kenny offer to share Alberta’s stocks of medical supplies to meet shortages in Ontario and Quebec. Few of our leaders are grandstanding or pointing fingers.

Nearly everyone in our province is pulling together during the COVID-19 crisis. Sadly, one person hasn’t gotten the message: B.C. Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson.

Wilkinson has been attacking Horgan at every opportunity. At a time when obscure public health officials have risen to become superheroes and their premiers along with them, poor Mr. Wilkinson seems to be casting about for attention.

His constant, malcontented carping is once again sadly out of touch with our times. Horgan’s leadership has been inspirational, steady and impressive. He’s empowered provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry by placing her at centre stage, listening to her and not getting in her way. And while we still have a long way to go, the plan appears to be working.

Mr. Wilkinson should do his part, by leaving politics aside until we all know we are safe.

Sarah J. Rose,