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LETTER: Vernon needs a new skate park

I have lived in Vernon the majority of my life, and have seen it change for good and bad.
Vernon is in need of a new skate park, this Morning Star reader says. (

I have lived in Vernon the majority of my life, and have seen it change for good and bad.

It’s great to see things getting updated to keep up with the times. There are several things for the aging population to do, but not for the youth of today.

I think if there was more for the kids to do, they can avoid boredom, which in some cases, I believe, could lead to drug addiction and mischief.

As we have all seen in recent times due to COVID-19, solo sports are very popular. There are several parks in Vernon and more in the plans.

Perhaps we don’t need another ice rink or pickleball court but a place for people who enjoy one of the many rolling sports such as scooters, bikes and skateboards (now an Olympic sport).

These are things most everyone can afford. I also know there is a group of people that give away skateboards to kids who can’t afford one or have had theirs stolen.

It’s a great community with only one park that is outdated and in my opinion one of the worst in North America. This is not a park to learn in, it has bad transitions and cracks everywhere.

Maybe city council could give the people that roll a flat piece of concrete with an anti-graffiti surface. I noticed two years ago, this rolling comunity put a couple small items at Kin to use and it was quite busy at times.

Until it got ripped out.

Now there are plans to build a park there with an ’80s mentality.

How about a community garden for all the local apartment residents and a flat piece of cement and maybe a pump track (these seem very popular for everyone).

Let’s move Vernon forward and keep up with the rest of the world. Back in the early ’90s, a great man built an indoor facility for the kids, but due to circumstances, it was lost.

How about using an empty building around town for an indoor park. Armstrong has been doing this for a few years.

Keep the youth engaged and healthy in the winter months.

A safe place for teens and people of all ages. This could lead to lessons and summer camps for those who are not interested in team sports. Some schools have taken the initiative to even offer it as an alternative to PE.

Skateboarding is not a crime…anymore.

Vernon, wake up. It’s 2021.

Clint Hardie


About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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