Take a journey of self-discovery at Mabel Lake

Take a journey of self-discovery at Mabel Lake

Women invited to enjoy a weekend of yoga and self-discovery at the Rediscover Her Retreat

  • Jun. 9, 2017 3:30 a.m.


The Rediscover Her Retreat is created for women who feel overwhelmed, exhausted, tired of worrying so much and trying so hard to make everyone around them happy. It’s for women who may feel a bit lost and wondering who they are and what they want, and for those interested in a deeper journey of self discovery toward self acceptance and love.

Clinical counsellor and psychotherapist and mind/body teacher Jodi Krahn and yoga teacher and self development teacher Lisa Dumas are offering a palette of unique and healing techniques and practices that have been and continue to be game changers in their own lives.

Krahn, founder of “Gather Her,” is a mother of four grappling with a newly empty nest and a long time psychotherapist in recovery herself from disordered eating who will offer an inspiring blend of restorative yoga, self inquiry, expressive art and meaningful guidance and tools lovingly collected from her own rediscovery of her authentic self which has brought her to this work.

Ever since yoga and meditation helped Dumas conquer a longtime bout with anxiety and panic, she is dedicated to help worriers become warriors. She will share her toolbox of techniques that include gentle Hatha, yin and restorative yoga paired with offerings that soothe the nervous system, connect with the compassionate witness within and uncover the roots of worries to be led toward self acceptance.

All experiences and teachings can help women cultivate a more compassionate inner dialogue, build a new, more positive relationship with their bodies, learn to be guided by emotions and reclaim aspects of themselves they may feel have been lost along the way. Plus, they’ll have a chance to connect with others in meaningful ways and have some fun!

All yoga experiences take place on a vast deck overlooking Mabel Lake, mountains and forests. The retreat includes incredibly delicious meals packed with nutrition to help women treat themselves with care as they choose to spend their free time walking in the woods, paddleboarding, relaxing in the countless comfy spots to read or journal or take naps in the cozy cottages on a huge, lakefront private property.

There are just a few spots left for this retreat taking place from July 28 at noon to July 30 at 1 p.m. Visit www.lisadumasyoga.com and www.jodikrahn.com for more information and to register.