Vernon musicians help Rock the Block

//AMISTAD// and Windmills join CYNK for Rock the Block at the Creekside Theatre in Lake Country Friday, Sept. 30.

  • Sep. 28, 2016 3:00 p.m.
Vernon's //AMISTAD// headlines the Rock the Block event

Vernon's //AMISTAD// headlines the Rock the Block event

A love of music came early to Jonathan Hintz.

And this Friday, the evolution of the young Lake Country rocker will be on full display with the inaugural Rock the Block event.

Described as a one-night music festival, the event features three indie acts at the Creekside Theatre in Lake Country.

It’s the brainchild of Hintz, a George Elliot Grade 11 student, who fronts the indie bank CYNK, consisting of all Lake Country high school students.

“This is an event that is focussed on youth and students,” said Hintz, who is acting as promoter, producer, booking agent and more for Rock the Block.

“There’s not a lot that really happens in Lake Country for big events for youth so that’s why I wanted to aim this event for students and youth. For Lake Country, I think it’s a pretty big thing.”

Hintz has secured up-and-coming Vernon band //AMISTAD// to headline the one-night show, while CYNK will be second on stage and the opener will be Windmills, an indie “swoon” pop artist, also out of Vernon.

The bands will likely throw in a cover song or two, but Hintz says the focus is on original music.

“//AMISTAD// is probably the biggest original up-and-coming band in the (North) Okanagan,” he said, describing their live show as having relentless energy.

And CYNK will have a freshly released single to play, along with tunes from its first album, Strings, released last year.

CYNK’s single, Leaving Me Again, was released last week on iTunes and Hintz says the band is much more polished and has been working on more  music since releasing its debut album.

“We’re working on a lot better stuff,”  he said of CYNK, consisting of George Elliot students Malcolm Muir, Doug Harty, Lucas Van Camp and Hintz.

“We’re kind of an alternative, pop-punk band. We take a lot of inspiration from bands like Blink 182 and Muse.”

Since appearing at Creekside Theatre earlier this year to debut their album Strings, Hintz has established a working relationship with the theatre and has worked hard to bring Rock the Block to the Creekside.

Theatre manager Ryan Donn, a musician himself, says opening up doors to youth is something the theatre has been lacking.

“There is a gap in the youth festival market here but that may take us a few years to fill,” said Donn. “Until then our hope is to continue partnering with youth to produce shows that both interest and showcase youth in our community.

“What works best is youth planning for youth and Jonathan is determined, hard working and also a highly-talented musician. When we see youth who not only have an idea, but also work hard to make that idea come to fruition, we will be constantly looking for a way to connect them to the Creekside Theatre or Live! in Lake Country concert series.”

For Hintz and his mates in CYNK, Rock the Block is not only a chance to debut some new music, it is the first of what he hopes will be an ongoing youth musical event in Lake Country, an event that can draw youth out and keep them in the community, and also spotlight local bands.

“I’m pretty excited about it but at the same time I’m pretty stressed with all the things I have to do,” he said. “It’s a really big process but I’m excited to see it happen. My goal is to eventually have a big Rock the Block festival with bigger bands, a big rock event for Lake Country.”

Rock the Block takes place from 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 30. Tickets are for sale at the door, or via phone at 250-766-9309.