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After 14 years, this Vernon auto tech promises ‘many more years to come!’

For Trail Tire Vernon tire technician Linda Carr, the decision to move to the North Okanagan and begin working there was an easy one.
Veteran tire tech Linda Carr says she appreciates the core group of long-time coworkers at Trail Tire in Vernon.

For Trail Tire Vernon tire technician Linda Carr, the decision to move to the North Okanagan and begin working there was an easy one.

“I had been working on a pipeline as a mechanic and welder,” Carr says. “I not only wanted a change from that, but I also wanted to move to town to be close to my son, so I moved to Vernon in 1996.”

Born in New Brunswick and raised in Mackenzie, B.C., the 14 year Trail Tire veteran recently moved to Cherryville, a short drive from the Trail Tire location where she works.

“I’m glad to work at this location on the outskirts of Vernon,” Carr says. “It makes for an easy commute with a lot less traffic than driving through town.”

Carr loves to get away to go fishing and swimming, and when at home, she makes home-made wine and shows evidence of a quite a green thumb.

“I have a garden and greenhouse where I grow flowers and veggies,” Carr says. “My sunflowers are 16 feet tall right now!”

And the 1978 ‘shorty’ school bus she spends some of her spare time transforming into a motor home? “I’ve done a lot to it, but it’s still bright yellow just like a school bus – I’m going to get around to painting it soon,” she laughs.

Carr shares her home with her husband, Jeff – they just got married this month! – and says that one of the things she’s most proud of is her 26-year-old son Kelly, who works in the timber business.

“He’s going to have a kid of his own in December,” she says, “I’m going to be a grandma!”

Asked what has contributed to her long tenure at Trail Tire – approaching its 55th anniversary next year – Carr is quick to mention their many long-time customers.

“I often say to them ‘Gee, you’ve been here for a long time,’ and they respond by saying, ‘Yeah, and so have you!’

She says she also appreciates the core group of long-time coworkers, and respects them for being so honest, reliable and flexible.

“I’ve been working with mostly the same people the whole time I’ve been here which is pretty cool, and I know them well enough that I can ask them to cover for me when I have a graduation or other important event to go to.

“It’s been great being here this long, and I have many more years to come!”

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As the team at Vernon’s Trail Tire approaches their 55th anniversary, this feature series highlights the many longstanding local team members. Watch for a new story each week!

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