Paula Skladan-Roughton and Nik Roughton know what to expect in today’s tough real estate market

Paula Skladan-Roughton and Nik Roughton know what to expect in today’s tough real estate market

In a competitive real estate market, it pays to shop smart

Today’s real estate market may seem a bit intimidating, especially for first-time buyers, “smart-sizers,” or those who are looking to move up. No matter what your position on the ladder, these days buying a home requires knowledgeable, expert advice, and not just to choose the right area.

Changing spaces

When buying a home, some factors seem obvious, including its location, proximity to schools, and the commute to work, for example. You might also consider recreation opportunities nearby and whether the home will fit your family today, and tomorrow, note Value Plus 3% Real Estate’s Paula Skladan-Roughton and Nik Roughton.

Together, they can help you figure out what you need and want in a home in practical terms and also help you navigate the fast-paced sellers’ market that is today’s real estate reality.

Changes to how homes are purchased has meant changes to how they’re sold too, and many buyers find the process intimidating and confusing. It’s essential to find a local real estate team that brings their expertise to the table to make the complicated process of buying a home in today’s hot market as enjoyable as it can be. “We know what you can expect in today’s market and will make sure you’re prepared to meet the demands of a different way of buying and selling.”

More than bricks and mortar

Buying a home today is about far more than its physical location. To be successful, buyers need to be prepared to make an offer that will tick all the boxes for the seller and the buyer.

When a home comes onto the market, most sellers are offering limited showings, and then will accept offers within a certain timeframe, meaning buyers must be prepared with market know-how and a clear idea of their real estate needs, Paula notes. With only one chance to make a blind offer, you need to know how to play the game.

“This time can be an emotional roller-coaster for buyers, so it’s important to understand the current market dynamics so you can make the best offer you can,” Nik says, noting that by looking at the history of offers on similar houses vs. the final selling prices, they’ll take into account what you feel good about paying. “Your home is a big investment, so you want to make sure it’s the right home at the right price.”

Everyone is asking when the market will crash, but Nik notes that “the way we buy and sell houses has changed since the last market correction.”

Changes to government regulations on real estate sales have created more stability in the market, and Nik doesn’t expect a correction any time soon, especially in sought-after communities like Vernon, and with COVID showing that we can work from home.

“Buying a new home is an exciting time, and we can use our experience to help you make the best offer on the home you want,” Paula adds.

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