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Procrastination? Don’t FALL for it! Prepare your home for autumn now

Winterize outdoor plumbing, prepare plugs for holiday lights and check that fur-fur-furnace!
Ted Fox Jr., owner of Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical. For home service call 1-833-793-4569.

It’s a point of pride for some Canadians — how long can you hold out before turning on the heat in the fall? No matter if you’re the first or the last to feel the chill, there’s one thing every home owner should do before switching on the heat: a fur-fur-furnace check.

“Your furnace should be checked annually to avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns, extend its life and ensure it’s running at peak efficiency. It’s also required to maintain some manufacturer warranties,” says Ted Fox, owner of Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical.

Another key reason to do a yearly furnace check? Keep your family safe by testing for hazardous carbon monoxide leaks.

Whether you’re an early bird or the last holdout for turning on the heat, the sooner you get your furnace checked the more you’ll save. Book before Oct. 14 for a $99 furnace check, or before Oct. 31 to get the same service for $139.

Winterize your plumbing

Prepare outdoor plumbing before temperatures dip below freezing. Detach your garden hose and ensure it’s completely drained of water before storing — any water left in your hose could cause it to crack once winter sets in.

Then turn your attention to the outdoor faucet (also known as a hose bib). Ensure the faucet is turned off completely, then shut off the water supply line to the hose bib.

“You’ll typically find the shut-off valve inside your home,” Fox says. “If you don’t turn off the water supply line and your hose bib freezes, it may cause damage and flooding inside your home.”

A frost-proof hose bib offers your home extra protection by ensuring the shut-off valve is inside your home where water is less likely to freeze. If your home doesn’t have one already, a plumber can install one to give your home an extra layer of protection.

Outdoor lighting

Before the snow starts piling up against the house, check your outdoor outlets to ensure they still function. It’s much easier to repair issues now, than in the midst of your holiday decorating!

A Fox technician can complete a whole home electrical inspection, install new outlets in more convenient locations, or even install permanent architectural lighting.

Stylish, functional architectural lighting only needs to be set up once, bringing light to your entryway, festive holiday decorations and improved security — all controlled from your smartphone.

For more home maintenance tips and exclusive savings, visit or follow them on Facebook. Call 1-833-793-4569 to request service for plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical issues, or schedule service online.

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