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Spring is just around the corner – is your HVAC system ready?

HVAC systems are not only necessary to keep you warm and toasty in the winter, but to keep your home cool in spring and summer.
The team a Milani Plumbing & Heating recommend preventive maintenance for your HVAC system before the hotter weather arrives.

HVAC systems are not only necessary to keep you warm and toasty in the winter, but to keep your home cool in spring and summer.

here is some HVAC maintenance that needs to be done to prepare for the warmer weather. Before the warmer weather arrives, however, it’s time for some essential preventive maintenance.

“There are several things we can do to ensure your system is running efficiently, and able to keep your house cool and comfortable when the weather changes,” says Vern Milani, President of Milani Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.

Clean air ducts

One of the first things you should do is to clean the air ducts in your system. This will ensure nothing will impact the flow of air from your HVAC unit.

“This is done by blocking off vents and sucking out dust and debris with a powerful vacuum unit,” Milani says. “Not only does it make sure the ducts are clear, it makes sure there is no mould, mildew, fungi or any other substance in your ducts that could travel throughout your home.”

Safety inspection

An HVAC system has many metal components and during winter, they may have developed cracks or holes.

“You may notice your system losing power and efficiency,” Milani says. “It’s a closed system with refrigerant in it, and because it’s under pressure, normal wear and tear can cause leaks. We’ll do a full analysis of your system to see where the issue is.”

Change Filters

Another important aspect of spring maintenance is changing your air filters. Not only does it improve the air quality in your home, it ensures your system is not overworked.

“Ductless split systems have built in filters that you just need to clean,” Milani says. “Other than that, filters should be changed at least once a year.”

Check outdoor system

Branches, leaves, and other outdoor debris can find their way into your system. Cleaning your outdoor HVAC will prevent expensive repairs in the future.

“Buildup of debris can cause system inefficiency,” Milani says. “Condensation can also build up in your system, so you may want to sanitize as well to prevent mould and smells making their way indoors.”

Milani’s advice if your system is getting older?

“If your system is 10 to 15 years old, you may want to replace it, rather than continuing to pay for repairs,” he says. “Whatever the case, it’s good to get it checked early – especially for businesses who rely on their air conditioning!”

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