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Vernon tire centre ‘CIO’ takes on perfect career opportunity, and loves the challenge

When Braden Vanderhorst started his present position at Trail Tire Vernon’s commercial location, he was taking his father up on a great offer.
Braden Vanderhorst loves the challenges that come with working in the busy environment at Trail Tire, Vernon.

When Braden Vanderhorst started his present position at Trail Tire Vernon’s commercial location, he was taking his father up on a great offer.

“I worked part-time in the shop growing up and then spent a few years in related industries – like web development for vehicle manufacturers,” Vanderhorst says. “When my dad opened our commercial location in Vernon, he offered me the opportunity to start a wholesale business with him, and I took him up on it.”

After graduating from Vernon Secondary School in 2006 and foraying into a few other fields, Vanderhorst initially returned to working in the family tire distribution stores doing software implementation, before taking his present position at their Trail Tire commercial location in 2019.

“My brother Matt and I jokingly call me the CIO – Chief Information Officer, because I work the front counter, change tires and perform some management duties – I have to know a little bit about everything!”

Vanderhorst, who bought his first home in Vernon in 2021, loves hiking, skiing and most recently got into stand-up paddle boarding around the lake.

“I also really enjoy going for long walks with my girlfriend Megan and our dog Winter. I was really into sport bikes for about 10 years too, but not so much anymore,” Vanderhorst says.

Asked about his favourite part of the day working at Trail Tire, Vanderhorst says it has to be working with their customers.

“I get a lot of satisfaction from helping our customers with their tires and vehicles,” Vanderhorst says. “It’s nice to know I’m helping to make sure families can get to important occasions, a recently retired customer can enjoy quading, and I’m supporting local farmers in their businesses.”

Vanderhorst appreciates the strong family ties he has with his brother Matt and father Rob as they work together in the sometimes challenging environment of a thriving business.

“I think we all agree that working in a busy environment with five phones ringing and a shop full of customers and cars can be tough at times, but we find it very satisfying to get through those challenging situations.”

Of his time working at Trail Tire – approaching it’s 55th anniversary next year – Vanderhorst says the generosity and patience of his dad and older brother have been a big part of what’s kept him there over the years.

“The strong family values our dad instilled in us are a big part of what sets us apart from some of the larger corporations,” Vanderhorst says. “He’s taught us about doing the right thing, and being open and honest, even when you’ve made a mistake.

“This is the perfect career for me because I’m always on the go, juggling multiple streams of input at once!”

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As the team at Vernon’s Trail Tire approaches their 55th anniversary, this feature series highlights the many longstanding local team members. Watch for a new story each week!