Ted Fox Jr., owner of Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical. For home service call 1-833-793-4569.

Ted Fox Jr., owner of Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical. For home service call 1-833-793-4569.

Why savvy homeowners think about turning on the heat in August

Think about your furnace before you need it, to avoid costly winter surprises

Even in late August, Okanagan temperatures can still sizzle. But no matter what the thermometer says, the days are getting shorter and the calendar will soon say it’s autumn. For savvy homeowners, that means it’s the perfect time to think about your furnace, and ensure everything’s functioning properly before your equipment sees heavy use.

“Your furnace should be checked annually, and the best time to do it is the fall, before you turn it on for the season,” says Ted Fox, owner of Fox Plumbing Heating Cooling Electrical in Vernon.

4 reasons to check your fur-fur-furnace:

  1. Improve energy efficiency: Reduce energy costs and help the planet when your furnace is running at peak efficiency.
  2. Avoid breakdowns: Emergency repairs are inconvenient and costly. Schedule maintenance to save stress, save time and save money.
  3. Stay safe: Your Fox technician will inspect all equipment to ensure it’s not leaking dangerous carbon monoxide. They can also install carbon monoxide detectors, which should be placed near sleeping areas in your home (one per floor).
  4. Extend its life: Maintain the manufacturer’s warranty, and keep your furnace running smoothly for longer so it doesn’t need to be replaced!

Visit foxandsons.ca/furfurfurnace to book your 22-point inspection today! The earlier you book, the more you save.

  • Book before Sep. 16: $59
  • Book before Oct. 14: $99
  • Book before Oct. 31: $139

Keep the lights on this winter

Like it or not, bright summer evenings are behind us until 2023. Before you know it, you’ll be finishing your commute in the dark and struggling to find the keyhole on the front door. Fox can’t stop the changing of the seasons, but they can help you become the envy of the neighbourhood with permanent outdoor architectural lighting, never hang lights again!

“There are a lot of providers on the market, but we’re proud to be a Glowstone Lighting authorized dealer. They have a low temperature rating of -55 degrees Celsius, and they’re the only company in Canada that solders and heat shrinks their holiday light strings together — that means no plastic or copper connectors, and less servicing required,” Fox says.

Stylish, functional architectural lighting only needs to be set up once, bringing light to your entryway, festive holiday decorations and improved security — all controlled from your smartphone.

Visit foxandsons.ca/architecturallighting to learn more.

For more home maintenance tips and exclusive savings, visit foxandsons.ca or follow them on Facebook. Call 1-833-793-4569 to request service for plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical issues, or schedule service online.

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