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Professional Essay Writers: How to Enlist and What to Expect

For quite some time now, educational institutions and regulators have been spreading the alarm over the global boom of custom writing services that craft academic papers for money. This industry, though operating since the 2000s, goes through its golden age nowadays. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for its rise is the COVID pandemic.

For quite some time now, educational institutions and regulators have been spreading the alarm over the global boom of custom writing services that craft academic papers for money. This industry, though operating since the 2000s, goes through its golden age nowadays. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for its rise is the COVID pandemic. As a result of distance learning taking over the USA, the increased number of written assignments, and decreased control, many more students opted for hiring essay writers online to deal with their study load. In turn, this shift opened a window of opportunity for people who have a good way with putting words together into great academic papers. If you’re one of such people looking for a way to capitalize on your talent, joining the club of pro essay writers is something you definitely want to consider. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting an academic writer job and excelling in it.

Professional College Essay Writers - Why Choose This Path?

Choosing a career mostly comes down to three things: what you like to do, what you do good, and advantages/disadvantages of this or that job. Let’s see how these things apply to custom essay writers and affect the choice of the career path in academic writing.

Breaking down the two first factors is easy. If you liked writing while in college or university and were getting high grades for that - these are clear upsides to selecting the essay writer job.

Yet, it’s much more complicated with the advantages and disadvantages of working in academic writing. On the plus side, one can name:

  • Ease of getting a job. The industry is growing rapidly and, most importantly, steadily. That said, it offers numerous opportunities to all categories of wannabe writers. Whether you are an accomplished field expert, a fresh graduate, or even a current student - you will be given a shot. Plus, online application for the position takes minutes.
  • Being your own boss. You get to choose what you’re going to write, when to write it, and where - from the comfort of your home, coworking space, cafe, or park. For that matter, you can also change the employer or quit the job at any moment.
  • Quick to instant wage hike. If you are an English native speaker with deeper-than-average expertise in some academic field, you soon will find yourself in the top writer group earning at least twice more than regular authors. Or if you’re creative and can easily write on behalf of other people, you have a pretty good chance of succeeding with the highest-paying admission essay orders.

On the flip side, we cannot but emphasize these disadvantages:

  • If you have taken the order, be ready to find yourself under constant pressure. The thing is, over half of orders have deadlines from several hours to 3 days. And you must deliver. Otherwise, you won’t get new tasks.
  • If you are a narrow specialist, you might end up writing about the same or related topics over and over again. That’s tiring and annoying.
  • Finally, you must understand that your earnings will vary depending on the season. Autumn and spring are traditionally more fruitful than winter and especially summer.

If potential gains trump existing drawbacks, then you can confidently give it a try and go on the academic writing conquest. There are two main approaches to finding your place in the sun: get on one or several freelance writer platforms or become one of the staff or outsource paper writers in a specialized academic writing company. Let’s take a closer look at these options.

Side with an Established Essay Writers Service

As we’ve said before, academic paper writing services are on the rise. They are hiring permanently and furiously fighting for the best authors. Working for a reputable and well-organized company implies the following perks:

  • Steady flow of orders while allowing flexibility in applying and completing them;
  • Free essay writers support with a wide range of issues - from registration to settling disputes with customers and anything in between;
  • Regular payments (usually, twice a month via online wallets or a Payoneer card);
  • Bonuses for consistently fast and diligent work;
  • Time and money saved on marketing and management, which are entirely a company’s responsibility.

At the same time, the biggest drawback of working for a writing company is that they will be taking the lion’s share of each order cost.

The main advice here is - don’t rush. It’d be a good idea to ping several services, compare what they offer, find a review or two by their ex-writers, and then choose what suits you best. To apply, you typically need to register your profile on a designated website, upload a document to prove your qualifications, take grammar and writing tests, and finally, pass the evaluation. Once you’re approved, you can start taking orders.

Be the Army of One Among Essay Writers for Hire

What to do if you prefer working alone? Then, exploiting freelance platforms seems the best option. The biggest and most popular freelance websites for writers are,,, Advantages of being self-employed include:

  • Greater flexibility with what and when you write;
  • Higher income on each order as you get paid the full order cost except for a small service fee;
  • Two-way street: you can showcase your offers to prospective clients to win their orders and at the same time bid for gigs that are already out there.
  • Easy start - you only need to register on one or several websites.

On the flip side, freelance platforms have their own faults. For example, new authors have difficulties building a client base because of high competition and often have to write for cheap to develop a portfolio of completed orders. Moreover, finding customers and figuring out all the nuances of their orders requires the most precious resource you have - time.

What Do You Need to Become One of the Top Essay Writers Out There?

Whichever way you choose - working for a writing company or launching your career on a freelance platform - you will need to work hard to earn a reputation and compete for the highest paying orders. Furthermore, even before you start, you should honestly evaluate your abilities and pull up crucial skills.

  • Speed writing. This skill is kinda obvious, right?
  • Critical thinking. Some believe you either got it or you don’t. However, we’re confident this skill can be obtained and developed. For starters, you can take an online course on Udemy or another educational platform.
  • Time management. Blowing the deadline is the worst thing you can do on this job. So properly managing your time and workload is a must.
  • Ability to write about one topic in many various ways. If you are an expert in, say, finance law, you’ll need to write about it day after day. So, you’d better learn how to avoid repeating yourself.
  • Quick research. Yeah, perhaps, this one does come with experience only. Knowing your subject is great; knowing where to look for the information you don’t know is everything.
  • Knowing the right tools for the job and how to use them. To name a few, this includes a good thesaurus, grammar, readability, and anti-plagiarism checkers.
  • Ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes. Typically, college and scholarship admissions or application essays, along with personal statements, are the most expensive. With a foothold in this niche, you’ll earn big time with every order.
  • Communication skills. Don’t delude yourself: sooner or later, you’ll have a dispute with a client. And the way you handle it may define your career as a freelance writer, as just one negative review can cut it short.

Once you master these skills, you have a green light to join the club of professional essay writers and work on your terms.