Coldstream mayor and CAO top spenders

Coldstream mayor and CAO top spenders

Coldstream’s top dogs are also the top paid.

Remuneration and expense numbers for 2016 show Mayor Jim Garlick was paid $33,093, which included $2,338 in expenses.

“My costs are for UBCM including transportation to Victoria and meeting pay for RDNO board meetings,” said Garlick.

This compares to the following payroll list for his colleagues on council: Gyula Kiss $15,144 and zero expenses

  • Peter McClean $14,354 and $1,650 in expenses
  • Doug Dirk $12,905 and zero expenses
  • Richard Enns $12,773 and $725 in expenses
  • Glen Taylor $12,510 and $2,058 in expenses
  • Pat Cochrane $11,720 and zero expenses

“Apparently I am underpaid,” laughed Cochrane.

Council pay differs depending on the number of extra meetings they attend. For example, as an alternate on the Greater Vernon Advisory Council, Kiss gets paid by Coldstream for attending meetings.

“I attended most of the GVAC meetings which accounts for my extra pay,” said Kiss.

Although he earned more, Kiss had no expenses, which he attributes to not attending any conventions such as the Southern Interior Local Government Association and Union of B.C. Municipalities.

“As for expenses or lack of: I did not go to conventions, thus, I didn’t need expenses,” said Kiss. “Ironically, I didn’t get paid for all the work I did with my work with the water plan.”

Whereas Taylor attended SILGA and was booked to attend UBCM, which accounts for him having the highest expenses among council.

On the staff payroll, Chief Administrative Officer Trevor Seibel earned at least $36,000 more than anyone else on staff, and his expenses were more than three times Garlick’s.

The top paid staff members were:

  • Trevor Seibel, CAO, $141,371 and $7,377 in expenses
  • Patrician Higgins, director of financial administration, $109,011 and $3,132 in expenses
  • Michael Reiley, director of development services, $109,010 and $1,677 in expenses
  • Michael Baker, director of infrastructure services, $103,315 and $2,812 in expenses
  • Bob Bibby, building official, $101,268 and $2,431 in expenses

“My expenses include the costs associated with professional development, training and travel/accommodation,” said Seibel, noting that unlike most other staffm he also attends UBCM. “One anomaly from 2016 is additional training as a result of the Playbook Implementation. In additional to the increased training requirements of the firefighters, there was a Fire Service Administration course that I attended, with the Fire Chiefs, in 2016.”


Coldstream mayor and CAO top spenders

Coldstream mayor and CAO top spenders