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Falkland hunter in spotlight

Dean Trumbley is the host of Bushnell’s Trigger Effect - a hunting TV series
Falkland's Dean Trumbley has been producing the hunting TV show for five years

A Falkland hunter with worldly reach in his sights is right on target.

Dean Trumbley is the host of Bushnell’s Trigger Effect - a hunting TV series that films the adventures of Trumbley and co-host Kent Michie.

From bears to bison and boars, the pair share their hunting tips along with their biology background. Produced by ThunderBoyz Productions, Trigger Effect is now working on its fifth season.

“We are a local production company who has been producing a TV show for five years now that airs all over the world,” saidTrumbley.

The team films all over the world and across Canada. Utilizing the career/educational backgrounds of the hosts and pro-staff, Bushnell’s Trigger Effect has a heavy education aspect to the show but still focuses on amazing footage of actionpacked hunts.

Although born and raised in Vernon, Trumbley is now in Falkland, where Thunder Boyz Productions is based out of.

While many of the episodes are shot in Manitoba (where Michie is from) and in the U.S., the crew is targeting the NorthOkanagan for a January/February 2017 predator show.

“We are filming an episode for our TV show Bushnell’s Trigger Effect hunting coyotes bringing the attention to the highpopulations and the need to reduce numbers in most areas of Canada,” said Trumbley. “We have simultaneous filminggoing on here locally and also in Manitoba.”

The show will be featured in the season five line-up(

Trigger Effect is also now airing full-time on Wild TV with 20 episodes a year since signing on with the Vista OutdoorsFamily.

“We are very excited to work with Bushnell and all the Vista Outdoor brands, it hasn’t been a hard transition at all, since weall grew up using and believing in these brands. You can say we simply came full circle,” said Trumbley.

Trumbley and Michie come from families who for many generations have pursued hunting as a way of life. As a result, bothhave spent their entire lives working in the various fields in the outdoor sector. Trumbley pursued a career as a professionalbiologist and dabbled in big game guiding, whereas Mitchie did the opposite working as a professional guide and dabbledin biology. As life time friends, the two have hunted all over North America and beyond pursing their passion. Leavingbehind their biology and guiding, Trumbley and Mitchie embarked on a dream to create a hunting TV show that reflectstheir experience, passion and knowledge gained over their many years. They wear experience in their faces but the fire tohunt hard and share their adventures with millions is young at heart.


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