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Fire suppression systems tested in Vernon neighbourhood

Meter readings have been high in some Turtle Mountain homes

Residents of a Vernon neighbourhood are being urged to check their fire system.

Everton Ridge Homes, together with GAP Marketing Group, is advising all residents of Turtle Mountain to assess their fire suppression system readings to ensure there is not a dangerous level of pressure built up in the system.

"Read the meter and ensure the readings are within system pressure tolerances which are at or under 100PSI," said Paul Betts, with GAP Marketing Group.

Some meters were reading more than 160 PSI, well outside of the safe range for the system.

"Prolonged pressure in this range could compromise the system and potentially result in leaks," said Betts.

The back pressure could be a result of the closing of valves during fire hydrant testing and sewer flushing.

"All residents of Turtle Mountain are advised to read their meter and contact the builder if there are any questions on the process to bleed the system of excess pressure," said Betts.

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