Update: Planned ignition takes place on Placer Mountain wildfire

Update: Planned ignition takes place on Placer Mountain wildfire

Placer Mountain and Snow Mountain fires near Keremeos continue to grow

UPDATE: 9:04 p.m

A planned ignition on the Placer Mountain wildfire took place today by BC Wildfire Service to solidify defendable ground.

Airtankers were used to help create a guard at the crest of a hill, then plastic spherical devices were dropped by a helicopter to provide ignition along the line.

BC Wildfire said the operation is performed by a certified ignitions specialist who can all the operation off at any time they deem it unsafe to perform.

The fire is currently estimated at 828 hectares and



BC Wildfire is starting to action the Snowy Mountain Fire near Keremeos.

The high elevation fire has grown to 1,530 hectares since it was first discovered after a lightning storm passed through the area July 17.

“Bucketing is being carried out with 1 helicopter in the sub-alpine to cool hot spots and prevent fire spread into adjacent drainages as needed,” a release from BC Wildfire Friday morning stated.

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The fire continues to grow each day and is being closely monitored and a remote camera was setup earlier this week t0 provide real-time images to the Incident Management Team.

The fire is burning in the Snowy Protected Area. BC Parks has closed several trails in the area including Ewart and Wall Creek trails.

The Placer Mountain fire also grew in size overnight and is now 828 hectares in size.

The fire is located high elevation west of Keremeos outside the Cathedral Park boundary and east of Eastgate.

BC Wildfire has almost doubled firefighting efforts and now has 99 firefighters on site, up from 54 on Thursday.

Seven helicopters, 12 pieces of heavy equipment and industry personnel are also working to control the fire. At this point it’s considered zero per cent contained.

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“Crews are clearing road access with heavy equipment heading to the gully on the eastern sector of the fire and continuing to establish 3 m wetlines. Crews will remove green islands of unburned fuels as necessary and additional firefighters will then mop-up. Heavy equipment will be used to establish a fuel free line from Ashnola to McBride Creek scree slope (a slope covered with small loose rock). Using tenders (large water hauling trucks), crews will mop-up along the top treeline/regeneration area,” the release stated.

No structures are at risk from Snowy and Placer Mountain fires. Both continue to be listed as Fires of Note.

We will continue to update this story as information comes available.


Update: Planned ignition takes place on Placer Mountain wildfire