Naramata Village’s beloved free range peacock killed

Kevin the free range peacock was killed by a wild animal in the village of Naramata Jan. 10. (Bob Stirrat photo Facebook)
Kevin the free range peacock used to take his afternoon siestas on Eva Hill's porch. (Eva Hill photo)
Kevin close up. (photo credit unknown)

The village of Naramata’s beloved free-range peacock Kevin has been killed.

Deborah Linton, editor of MyNaramata said Kevin was found dead in a man’s backyard on the morning of Jan. 10. The man’s residence is near the library where the two peacocks liked to spend their days.

According to MyNaramata, the resident who found Kevin said it appeared he was killed and eaten by a wild animal.

“I’m so heartbroken to hear about our very lovely peacock as he was always around my house or yard,” said Eva Hill who posted some pictures to Facebook of Kevin chilling out on her back deck. He was known to take an afternoon siesta on her porch.

According to Linton, the wild peacocks have been in the village since at least 2007. One of them liked to hang around the Grape Leaf Cafe and Library.

There is another peacock who some people call Steve and others call Peter. It’s believed he is still alive.

Ironically, another famed bird in Penticton is called Kevin. Kevin is the broken winged Canada goose that hangs around the Peach at Okanagan Lake.

“There are lovers and haters of the peacocks. The haters are mostly village core residents who have to do with scratches and poop on their cars and a cacophony of screeching at all hours of the day and night,” said Linton.

There used to be a peahen in the village called Pearl but she was captured and taken along with three chicks to the petting zoo in Keremeos in 2010. The zoo has since closed.

“I think most people love the peacocks as a mascot of the village and they appear on a lot of artwork in the village such as the banners and the top of the maypole,” Linton added.

Naramata Inn also posted a tribute to the village’s peacock.

“The village of Naramata has lost one of its most colourful characters. ‘Kevin,’ one of two wild resident peacocks, died this week. Kevin, and surviving peacock, ‘Peter’ have deeply inspired the re-imagined Naramata Inn in both style and attitude. Kevin’s swagger, regal beauty, confidence, and quirkiness will be dearly missed. Rest in power Kevin.”

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