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Penticton father guilty of sexually assaulting young daughter

Described as a ‘good father’ Mr.S. began assaulting his daughter a few years after gaining custody
Mr.S. said he knew what he was doing was wrong and caused his daughter to cry, but he continued (File Photo)

WARNING: This article contains descriptions of sexual assault, and could negatively affect someone who has experienced similar trauma.

A Penticton father pled guilty to sexually assaulting his daughter over a five-year period.

In the provincial court of B.C. on May 25, a judge ruled on the charge of sexual interference in the case of Mr.S. and his daughter K.

Names have been redacted to protect the identity of the victim.

Mr. S. was granted full custody of his daughter, K when she was three.

Mr. S. told a court that he began assaulting his daughter in 2015 when she was six years old.

The abuse is alleged to have occurred on a regular basis, typically a few times per month and as frequent as once every week.

K was instructed by her father to keep the abuse a secret and she did not disclose the abuse until 2021 when she told a friend.

The partner of Mr.S. alleges that he is a good father and describes K as “Daddy’s girl.”

According to her stepmother, who has remained steadfast and committed to her relationship with Mr. S., K misses her father and would like to see him, not understanding why she cannot visit him.

A court-appointed psychologist, Dr. Burnett, conducted a series of risk assessments and concluded that Mr. S. is at an average risk to reoffend.

During the counselling sessions, Mr. S. reported to the psychologist that he was attracted to prepubescent females.

Burnett reported, “he knew what he was doing was wrong, that his daughter would plead with him to stop while crying, yet he persisted”.

According to court documents, although his parents separated when he was 14, his childhood was otherwise unremarkable.

It was reported that Mr.S. said he accepts the need for intensive treatment and is willing to attend whatever treatment and counselling are deemed appropriate.

The Honourable Judge G. Koturbash sentenced Mr.S. to eight years in prison. Mr.S. has already served a credit of 65 days reducing the remaining sentence to 2,855 days.

The full case report can be found on


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