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PODCAST: Randy Bachman, every song, every guitar has a story

TODAY IN B.C.: New album with son Tal Bachman to be released

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Randy Bachman kept busy during the pandemic with a series of projects that includes a new album with his son Tal, entitled ‘Bachman, Bachman’, and a rockumentary about the return of his cherished 1957 Gretsch guitar which was stolen from his hotel room 45 years ago.

Bachman talks about the return of the guitar which took place on Canada Day, and how intimate an instrument it is.

‘You basically are putting your arms around it, you’re holding it next to your bosom. It’s like you’re hugging your girlfriend, right? They breathe with you. They feel your heartbeat, you feel their heartbeat, and you become one’.

The host of ‘Vinyl Tap’ for almost 20 years, Bachman says his favorite song writing effort was ‘She’s come Undone’, which was inspired by a line from a Bob Dylan song.

‘It was amazing, I just had Guitar Player Magazine call me and interview me that it was voted by their viewers of Guitar Player Magazine as one of the greatest rock songs of all time’.

The founder of The Guess Who and B.T.O., recalled the late Ian Tyson.

‘He was a great guy, he was a real cowboy’ says Bachman. He’d say at the end of a tour, ‘I’m going back to the ranch, I got to get on a horse, I got to rope some cattle.

‘This guy was starring in Yellowstone before Kevin Costner’.

Bachman has owned over 1000 guitars in his life.

He sold his Gretsch guitar collection back to the company a few years ago, the guitars are now on display in Savannah Georgia, he also has a number of guitars on display in the National Music Centre in Calgary.

Bachman recalls some of his musician friends including Neil Young and Bill Henderson. as well as Broadcaster Terry David Mulligan.

He told host Peter McCully who would be a member of his own all-star band and explains about the ‘YouTube Train Wreck’ show with Tal, that airs Fridays.

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