Political pay numbers out

Financial details have been revealed for politicians in Lumby and Coldstream.

Financial details have been revealed for politicians in Lumby and Coldstream.

In Lumby, which has a population of 1,731, the mayor earned $13,035 in remuneration and $9,355 in expenses for 2015.

While Mayor Kevin Acton had considerably more expenses due to out-of-town meetings and conferences, the pay range isn’t an issue for him.

“Sometimes the remuneration is based on per capita and not what it takes to do the job,” said Acton, who has discussed a possible pay raise with staff.

“For most of us, I don’t think it matters,” said Acton, who believes in volunteering.

“When I first started running, I didn’t even know they (politicians) got paid.”

Total Lumby council remuneration and expenses are consistent with expectation, and total staff remuneration and expenses have increased by 2.31 per cent compared to the prior year.

Each councillor earned $6,906 in remuneration, but had various expenses.

The smallest spender was Nick Hodge, with $5,577, followed by Randal Ostafichuk with $5,727, Julie Pilon had $6,040 in expenses and Lori Mindnich had $6,716.

The top paid staff members in the villagewere as follows: chief administrative officer Tom Kadla earned $112,778 and had $13,484 in expenses; director of finance Jeremy Sundin earned $91,167 plus $6,734 in expenses; working foreman Jeremy Jewitt had $1,053 in expenses and earned $82,447; and superintendant of public works Dave Manson earned $77,946 and had $4,366 in expenses.

In Coldstream remuneration varies from councillor to councillor as it includes indemnity ($11,501), meeting pay ($131 per), and any taxable benefits.

“We’re involved in all these functions with only one representative so we encourage everyone to go,” said Mayor Jim Garlick, who is responsible for a population of 10,500 and had $31,535 in remuneration and $2,124 in expenses in 2015.

Among the six councillors, Glen Taylor was the top paid with $$15,466 in remuneration and the highest expenses of $3,769.

Peter McClean’s expenses were $1,458 and he earned $14,939, while Richard Enns had $3,423 in expenses but collected the lowest remuneration of $12,437; Gyula Kiss’ remuneration was $14,544 and expenses totalled $56, while both Doug Dirk and Pat Cochrane had zero expenses but earned $14,544 and $13,095 respectively.

The top paid staff in Coldstream were: CAO Trevor Seibel with $137,847 and $5,795 in expenses; director of financial administration Patricia Higgins collected $107,070 and $4,976 in expenses; director of development services Michael Reiley earned $107,411 plus $2,021; utilities foreman Dave Acton’s remuneration was $100,987 plus $255 in expenses; and director of infrastructure services Michael Baker earned $100,243 and had $220 in expenses.