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Princeton children send heartfelt thanks to local cops

Messages arrive at local detachment

Princeton RCMP got a shot in the arm of pure love last week, with the arrival of some fan mail.

Two letters, written by local children, were delivered to the detachment.

One card was sent from an eight-year-old boy.

“Dear Police Station

Thank you for the help to our town, especially when it was the flood, the traffic and the forest fire. And thank you very much.”

Another child sent a handwritten Valentine.

Princeton detachment commander Sgt. Rob Hughes expressed extreme gratitude for the messages.

“I can say that I truly love the feeling when someone from the public randomly says ‘thank you for your service,’ or someone waves nice at us driving by in a police cruiser,” he told the Spotlight.

“A card from a child is a whole other level of pride in the work…Note that the card says ‘Dear Police Station’ and not just police. Members, (civilian employees) and victims services are all spokes in this turning wheel.”

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