RDNO steps away from Star process

A task force is looking at a structure for marketing Silver Star

A process to fund marketing and promotions is being considered in the Silver Star community.

A process to fund marketing and promotions is being considered in the Silver Star community.

The Regional District of North Okanagan wants to ensure its independence as Silver Star considers a form of governance.

Mike Macnabb, BX-Silver Star director, has rescinded Mike Randell’s appointment as alternate director because Randell also sits on the task force promoting marketing association status for the Silver Star community.

“It’s not that I was dissatisfied with him. He’s been very helpful over the years,” said Macnabb.

However, Macnabb says there were concerns that the task force may consider Randell as the representative for RDNO when he is on the task force because of his business activities.

“There is no implied support of the regional district on this. This is up to them,” said Macnabb of the community.

“The only role we would have is the resort association would seek board approval on the bylaws (establishing resort association). We would have no say on how much money they would tax.”

If the resort association gets the support of property owners, the focus would be on marketing and sales, research, communications, special event planning and advocating on behalf of the community.

Randell says it makes sense to step away from being the BX-Silver Star alternate director after about six years.

“I really want to concentrate my attention on the resort association,” he said, adding that any potential conflict between his roles with RDNO and the task force have been reduced.

Macnabb has 60 days to name another alternate director and it could be Randell.

“If we can resolve this matter, I could reappoint him,” said Macnabb.

Ross Foden, task force chairperson, says it’s always been clear that Randell did not speak for RDNO, but his knowledge of local government was appreciated.

“They (regional district) are very much observers and on the sidelines (in the process),” said Foden.