Regional District of North Okanagan announces water work projects

Mission HIll Water Treatment Plant - Kalamalka Lake and Outback Resort will see temporary shutdowns

Morning Star Staff

Greater Vernon Water customers are being informed that the Mission Hill Water Treatment Plant – Kalamalka Lake water source will be shut down on Wednesday.

The Kal shut down is to accommodate the extension of the water intake in Kalamalka Lake. This planned project will take approximately two weeks.

All GVW customers will be switched to the Duteau Water Treatment Plant for the duration of the work.

Customers who are not normally on the DCWTP will notice that the water is much softer and the water has a low alkalinity and pH. This may be of interest to those customers who have in-home water treatment systems or aquariums.

Interruptions in Whitevale and at the Outback Resort are also taking place this week.

Water service will be interrupted for all customers in Whitevale on Tuesday, Nov. 15, as part of a project to upgrade the pump station on Franklyn Road.

The electrical project is anticipated to be less than one hour. It is suggested that a short term water supply be stored before the interruption for use while the water is off or if complications arise and more time is required. All customers may experience low water pressure and are asked to limit water use on this date.

The work is in preparation a project scheduled to start Nov. 21 and be completed in mid-December. The project replaces the existing pumps with a different type that will be more reliable with the automatic start ups required after power failures.

For customers at the Outback Resort, there will be a water service interruption on Thursday, Nov. 17.

The interruption will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the water being turned off to allow for instrumentation improvements.

It is suggested that a short-term water supply be stored before the interruption.

For more information call 250-550-3700 or visit