The Bull Bash and Barn Dance is at Pat Duke Memorial Arena April 22. (Zachary Cormier/Red Deer Express)

The Bull Bash and Barn Dance is at Pat Duke Memorial Arena April 22. (Zachary Cormier/Red Deer Express)

Rodeo rounds up support

Regional district in favour of Bull Bash at Lumby arena

A rodeo is moving ahead in Lumby despite some opposition.

Regional District of North Okanagan officials back a rodeo that will raise funds for upgrades at Pat Duke Memorial Arena.

“We’re getting positive feedback. There is support in the community for it,” said Rick Fairbairn, director.

The Vancouver Humane Society recently called for the cancellation of the Bull Bash and Barn Dance April 22 because bull riding will be included.

“Bull riding, like most rodeo events, relies on causing animals distress in order to make them perform,” wrote Peter Fricker, projects and communications director for the Vancouver Humane Society, in a letter to event organizer Angie Clowry.

“Rodeo bulls buck because a flank strap is tightened around their hindquarters, causing stress. We believe no animal should suffer for the sake of human amusement.”

However, Fairbairn, who raises cattle, insists the animals involved in the rodeo are well looked after.

“The risk isn’t for the animal. The risk is more for the riders,” he said.

Hank Cameron, an RDNO director, says he hasn’t heard any concerns from local residents about the rodeo.

“Nobody has brought it up. It’s a traditional activity in the area,” he said.

D&B Rodeo Stock of Salmon Arm is presenting the Bull Bash (arena doors open at 4 p.m.). Tickets are $25 ($30 if purchased after April 18). Kids five and under are admitted free.

There will be family line dance and two-step dance lessons, a chance to get pictures and autographs with the bull riders and bull fighters, a ‘Pin the Tail on (DJ Swervin’) Steve Nagy’ game and live music from Vancouver band Rollin’ Trainwreck.

There will be two rounds of bull riding along with the popular Ring of Fear event.

The adult barn dance takes place at 9 p.m. and tickets for this event are also $25 ($30 after April 18). Tickets are available in Lumby at Jitterbeans and Take Two, and in Vernon at Enlighten Hair & Tanning.