An RV is parked in front of a 25th Avenue business for weeks in the Okanagan Landing area. (Jennifer Smith - Morning Star)

An RV is parked in front of a 25th Avenue business for weeks in the Okanagan Landing area. (Jennifer Smith - Morning Star)

Vernon bylaw to put the brakes on RV roadside camping

25th Avenue has several recreational vehicles parked in front of businesses

Upwards of a dozen RV’s are camped out in front of 25th Avenue businesses on any given day.

It’s a common occurrence that has taken place for a couple years now, as more people opt to live in a house on wheels.

Whether it’s financial distress or personal decisions that cause these people to live in recreational vehicles, there are growing complaints from area neighbours. The Okanagan Landing-stretch of road sees the majority of RVs, but there are other areas around town that are frequented by them.

Some businesses and homeowners are tiring of being blocked by the large units. Semi-truck drivers, business staff and customers are also competing with the RVs for free parking spaces.

Vernon’s bylaw compliance reached out to RCMP regarding possible safety inspections of the RVs to ensure they are mechanically safe to operate on public roadways.

“The RCMP indicated that the request could be accommodated in mid-October and would also include the attendance and expertise of Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE),” city staff said in a report to council.

Coun. Brian Quiring put forward a notice of motion at the Oct. 12 council meeting requesting changes to the bylaws that would prohibit recreational vehicles from setting up and deploying slides and jacks on municipal roads.

Quiring said while many vehicles are being moved every 48-hours as per the bylaw, he worries many of the vehicles he sees aren’t “roadworthy,” and recommended some sort of inspection procedures are implemented.

“This situation has been occurring for at least one year and the number of recreational vehicles appears to be increasing,” Quiring said.

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