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School becomes early learning hub in Vernon

Alexis Park Elementary Early Learning and Child Care Hub

Starting this fall, Alexis Park Elementary will become an early learning and child care hub.

Moving forward, the Vernon school will focus on programming that supports the Ministry of Education’s early learning framework by providing additional opportunities for children and families in the early years.

“We know the stage from birth to age eight in a child’s life is full of tremendous growth and development,” Vernon School District superintendent Christine Perkins said. “Our goal is to provide increased opportunities to connect with families in the early years through innovative programming, while continuing to support children to reach their fullest potential.

“Alexis Park Elementary and Early Learning & Child Care Hub will be focused on delivering important early learning opportunities that will support the future educational success of students in School District 22 and provide ongoing opportunities for families and educators to work together.”

District principal of early learning Jennifer Friesen, along with vice principals Cordell Ware and Kim Erven-Culler, will be working together with the community and staff to build and implement early learning initiatives that support children and families.

The hub will become a learning center for elementary vice principals. Through onsite learning experiences, vice principals across the district will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of early learning pedagogy and programming.

Along with the current Ministry of Education StrongStart BC program at Alexis Park, additional initiatives to provide quality early learning experiences for children and families will be developed. Supporting smooth transitions from early learning and child care settings to kindergarten will be a focus.

“We are excited for the opportunities this will provide the Alexis Park Elementary community and are pleased to work collaboratively with community partners to help students build a bright future,” district board of education chair Gen Acton said.

B.C.’s Early Learning Framework has established a vision for respectfully living and learning together. At the new hub, there will be increased opportunities to support the rich early learning experiences of children, build connections with families and work with community partners.

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