Spall speed limit reduced on Hullcar

Speed reduced on a portion of Hullcar Road in Spallumcheen from 80 to 60 km/h

It meanders with limited visibility, writes Spallumcheen resident Carol Mullen.

It has no shoulders and some tight corners. There are homes close to the road and people are on the side of the road walking their dogs. Livestock roam the side of the roadway.

Hullcar Road in Spallumcheen west of Knob Hill Road has seen its share of accidents and close calls.

The speed limit is currently 70 kilometres an hour, but thanks to a request from Mullen, council voted unanimously to reduce the speed limit on that portion of the road to 60 km/h.

“It’s a speed which is much more conducive to a neighbourhood and to a road with limited visibility and no shoulders,” wrote Mullen.

Administrator Corey Paiement told council that public works manager Ed Forslund went out and had a look at the road and agreed 60 km/h would be appropriate.

All roads in Spallumcheen are 70 km/h unless otherwise posted.

“I drive Hullcar everyday and Carol’s description is accurate,” said Coun. Todd York. “Hullcar Road has some issues.”

While he supported the motion to reduce the speed limit, Coun. Andrew Casson cautioned that there are lots of places in the township where 60 km/h would be an appropriate speed limit.

“We are making this decision pretty quick,” said Casson. “There are lots of kilometres of road in Spallumcheen.”

The township will spend $600 for four signs to alert motorists of the new speed limit.