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Ukrainian allies who received Kelowna donation dead amidst Russia war

Kelowna Stands With Ukraine sent the most recent package of supplies to two defenders that have died
On the hood of the damaged truck are the donated items and a Kelowna Stands With Ukraine sign (Danylo Sora/Contributed)

Some of Kelowna’s Ukrainian allies have fallen.

Danylo Sora broke the news on the Kelowna Stands With Ukraine facebook page that two “defenders” in Ukraine have died.

Supporters have been sending supplies to defence groups across Ukraine, and had sent the last bags of equipment to the two that have been pronounced dead.

“I bring the message to our community that their help is really important, but to remember that the war is not over yet,” Sora told Capital News.

He urges people from Kelowna to continue to support the defence efforts in Ukraine. He said that donations of money, medical supplies and tactical gear are still needed. He said that he wants people to “stay with Ukraine till victory comes! It’s really important for our soldiers.”

Denys Seorozhuk is of the organizers of the fundraising and tactical gear initiatives. Seorozhuk said that he is proud of the Kelowna community and their generosity.

Seorozhuk assures anyone looking to donate that the Kelowna Stands With Ukraine fundraising is completely volunteer-run and said that there are no administrative fees. To donate auto-deposits, an account has been set up at

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