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Vernon petition seeks free transit for kids

Maven Lane championed petition to be brought to city Monday morning

It’s about making Vernon as child-friendly as possible.

That’s the motive behind a petition, championed by early childhood educator and program coordinator Sharyn Stokes of the non-profit Maven Lane childcare and preschool centre, which seeks to make city transit free for children.

When Maven Lane has the opportunity, they take their students on fun and informative field trips. However, on an average day after school or on a pro-D day, Stokes said, the facility sees approximately 60-70 students.

“During the summer, we take the kids out every day,” Stokes said, adding that they walk to their destination when they can, but it isn’t always feasible.

Stokes said the cost of transportation for children is generally 25 cents. However, the rate increased to $1.25 over the holidays.

“Over December in particular, we utilized city transport,” Stokes said. “It dropped again to 25 cents, but we don’t know for how long. That’s going to have a dramatic impact because our funds are limited. We decided, based on that, we wanted to let the city and the mayor know.”

Accompanied by 60-70 kids, Stokes brought the petition to Mayor Akbal Mund Monday morning.

“We’re advocated of supporting our children to be involved in the community,” Stokes said of the petition. “Free transit for children would help support a child friendly city.”

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