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Vernon’s Hathor Alpacas visitor day a huge hit

Vernon’s own Hathor Alpacas had their first “Visit Alpaca Day” on Sunday, Aug. 5.

Vernon’s own Hathor Alpacas had their first “Visit Alpaca Day” on Sunday, Aug. 5.

The event was well attended by people of all ages who had a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the alpacas.

Hathor Alpacas is owned by Dr. Phebe-Jane Poole and has been in operation since 2012.

It started with four alpacas and now has 33 ranging in age from two months to 12 years. These are well-bred and double registered alpacas. The herd includes many prize winners including Chimu — the first-born on the property and the winner of many first places and a “Best in Show” ribbon. In addition to many other firsts, seconds and thirds, other prizes include Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, and Reserve Champion.

Alpacas are raised for their soft, lustrous, and versatile fibre that produces yarn and other products.

Alpaca fibre contains air pockets which result in high insulation values (warm in winter and cool in summer), outstanding breathability, and lightweight garments. It is one-third the weight of wool and has three times the insulating capacity. Alpaca products are naturally hypoallergenic because they contain no lanolin. They are soft and won’t itch or irritate.

Visitors also got to interact with two special therapy-trained standard poodles, Tara and Teddy.

Dr. Poole will soon be offering small group “Mindfulness Meditation With the Alpacas” classes. They will be appropriate for all ranges of experience with mediation, from beginners to those who have been practising for years.

Phebe’s individual psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and BodyTalk sessions will also be expanded to include “sessions with the alpacas.”

The next Visit with Alpacas day will be held at the end of September.