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VIDEO: Large herd of bighorn sheep get comfortable in Okanagan Falls yard

A man walking in Heritage Hills captured the footage this week
A large herd of big horn sheep in Okanagan Falls in February 2023. (Douglas P Seabough video on Facebook)

Down from the mountainside and into Heritage Hills, a huge herd of bighorn sheep made themselves at home on the front lawn of an Okanagan Falls home this week.

Douglas P Seabough captured the footage and posted it on Facebook.

Seabough said he’s never seen anything like it. He’s seen bighorn sheep before but only a couple at a time. This was a whole herd that decided to take a rest on someone’s grass.

“I have never seen them lying in someone’s front yard like that before,” he added.

This past November, a group of bighorn sheep were spotted taking a stroll through a Penticton neighbourhood, even using the sidewalk in the residential area.

The species of sheep is native to areas in the Central, Mountain and Pacific areas of Canada and the United States.

A deer sighting in Penticton is common, but a bighorn sheep? Not so much.

Seabough’s video caught the attention of hundreds on an Osoyoos Facebook group.

Typically during this time of year, bighorn sheep come down from the hills to lick the salt on the road.

In this case, Seabough captures the group sitting on the Okanagan Falls grass.

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