Amphitheatre concerns

Resident concerned about proposed outdoor concert auditorium for the east side of Okanagan College in Coldstream.

My wife and I found out this February, 2016, that an outdoor concert auditorium was being proposed by the Okanagan Summer Festival Society for the east side of Okanagan College in Coldstream that would be facing the lake.

No local input had been solicited and until a plan had been somewhat formulated, local residents were in the dark.

As we live across Kalamalka Lake, a couple times a year we endure loud music, etc. even when it emanates from across the highway west of the college. We are totally against the possibility that this project presents.

The “bowl” and water on the north end of the lake appears to amplify the sound from across the lake, and even when there is an event in the field on the other side of the college we are able to hear annoying conversation from the MC’s microphone.

Accordingly, no sleep until midnight or later.

It may appear acceptable that symphonic and artistic acts will be presented but the revenue for the majority of these venues is produced by rock bands and similar artists with maximum amplification and spectacular shows.

Recently, we have experienced increased musical amplification from pleasure boats who broadcast their musical tastes loudly and clearly without regard to others. We are not a willing audience.

Notwithstanding the potential ecological problems being noted by experts, it is not acceptable that a special interest group should be allowed to force their musical ambitions on the rest of us who have paid a premium for the peace of a summer evening, living on a lake, serenaded by the natural sounds of nature.

Keith Warnes, Coldstream