An option

Resident proposes a way to reduce violence and the loss of life

World-wide, the politicians and police seem helpless to stop terrorists from killing innocent citizens like the hundred or so people who were just murdered in France. Here is a viable solution.

Every adult citizen should be required, by law, to take a course in firearm safety and be required to carry a firearm and know how to use it safely.

Whenever any person or group begins to murder and kill people, those armed, law-abiding citizens could protect the weak and innocent by quickly neutralizing those savages. This would protect life and stop them from killing the whole crowd.

It would protect our nation from co-ordinated internal terrorist attack.

In conclusion, it means that not just criminals have guns. They would think twice before killing, raping or robbing an armed woman. It is the ultimate successful crime education program.

This is a common sense approach that would stop the killing of innocent people, assist our overworked police officers and protect our citizens and political leaders from untimely death.

It reduces or stops terrorist killing immediately.

John Alexander