Arena parking

Much to my surprise, I read in the March 29 Morning Star that the required off-street parking at the expansion of Kal Tire Place is to be reduced from 917 to 658.

I do want to remind the local politicians that it was previously stated that, “there will be a net loss of one parking space.” But alas it would appear that fake news is alive and well north of the border as well. I understood from the multiple presentations that the safety concerns regarding parking and traffic flow at the current arena when a major event is held was clearly understood.

I believe that comparing our situation to Kelowna’s Prospera Place to justify the change is comparing apples to oranges. There is significant on-street parking around their downtown arena.

However, there are increasingly, parking restrictions being placed in the Kelowna arena area so I suspect they are experiencing some difficulties.

Moreover, it is not clear why the statistic of 6.1 parking spaces per 100 seats was not mentioned when support for a yes vote was being solicited. We may not need more parking while events are going on, but it was clear during the presentations that we do not need or want a reduction.

Maggie Tomich