Armstrong traffic

Resident calling for the scrapping of four-way stops on area roads

It is time for Armstrong to come out of the dark ages and replace some of the four-way stop signs with traffic lights.

Sure it’s quaint for a small city not to have traffic lights but it is also dangerous.

When the Interior Provincial Exhibition is upon us, it is even more so.

Tourists from larger cities have the big city driving mentality where you rush orange lights and stick close to the driver ahead of you regardless of the type of stop.

The worst corner is Pleasant Valley Road and Okanagan Street, with the added hazard of the railroad tracks.

Out-of-town drivers do not realize that the stop sign is on the far side of the tracks and therefore cut off the drivers coming from that direction.

If we cannot get a traffic light at this specific corner, maybe the stop sign should be on the side of the tracks that is closer to the corner.

Now that Armstrong is growing, we should keep up with current driving safe guards.

Dyan Houle