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BOOMER TALK: Are you grumpy?

Are you showing people who you really are?

It was politely pointed out to me the other day, as I made my way through the grocery checkout, that people have become grumpy when they are buying and paying for purchases.

Must be difficult for those who are serving them to hold their tongue and not respond in kind.

I’m sure it is tempting to just blurt something grumpy back.

I guess it’s due to the fact that there are not enough staff at some stores, and people seem to feel entitled to fast service. Between the economy becoming – well – ridiculous (houses, food, gas) some folks who had little patience to begin with, now have zero patience.

You see it on the Internet too. Someone says something innocent and it triggers a whole lot of people who then proceed to be – well – grumpy! They are so grumpy they barely talk to themselves.

I live in a townhouse and just today across the street from me, I heard a grumpy person talking – loudly. They live in a house across a city street. They sounded like they only knew one word. Yep – you guessed it – it’s the “F” word. I mean he was practically making an entire sentence out of that one word!

I am not a puritan and have been known to use it myself, but fuddle-duddle people, enough is enough already. Children live in that house and I was hoping they weren’t home.

A few nights ago, I heard a near fight (words only) between a guy and a few other people. He was speaking with huge disrespect to a woman and of course using the “F” word at every opportunity.

They were riding their bikes and stopped to yell at one another on the other side of my fence.

I came close to calling the police as the words toward the woman were abusive, but then my cell phone went off and blared out Vivaldi (classical music) and everyone became silent. Brilliant! It made them aware others could hear them.

One of my neighbours observed first-hand a grumpy person getting upset at the grocery clerk because (according to the customer’s patience meter) the clerk wasn’t fast enough.

Yet another experienced just the opposite – other customers letting her go first because she only had one item. We can only hope it is a balance.

So here’s some tips to stop the ‘grumpies’ from getting the better of you.

Notice your surroundings – flowers, blue sky, cute pets, clean streets, happy people.

Notice when you do something that pleases you.

List three or more things every day that you are grateful for. Stop and observe what makes you feel this way.

Make sure to do something physical every day.

Be polite – say ‘excuse me,’ ‘thank you,’ at every opportunity. People love these simple courteous words and you may get a nice smile. Bonus!

So put your ‘grumpies’ on the shelf, smile at everyone you meet, find the humour in almost everything (‘cause there always is a funny hiding there somewhere).

Your attitude impacts others – so it would be best for all of us, if the attitude you exuded was one of patience and gratitude.

Look in the mirror and smile at you! You too, deserve some positive feedback. Choose not to be grumpy.

Carole Fawcett is a freelance writer, counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist.

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