Butting heads

Resident provides their thoughts on the Stickle Road issue

It seems these days, that the powers that be on all levels just cannot get along. The Liberals and the Conservatives are always bickering. The Republicans and the Democrats are so partisan they cannot see any good in the other. The B.C. Liberals and the NDP are just so distant they can not even see something good. Coldstream against the rest of the regional district, with its NIMBY attitudes. Finally, down to the Stickle Road issue.

With this issue, you have the B.C. Liberals, the mayor and the Department of Transportation on one side. Then you have the stop light people. The stop light people will not accept any other plan other than putting a stop light at that intersection period. First of all, there are other great plans that could happen at that intersection. There is an overpass. There is an upgrade to Pleasant Valley Road. There is the extension of 20th Street. However, these people will not OK this. The pros to this is that, yes it would stop the traffic so vehicles can cross or join the highway safely. Now the cons. It will stop the flow of traffic of people leaving or coming to Vernon. If we put one at Stickle, do we put one at Meadowlark and then at PV Road? Do we really want an entrance to Vernon similar to that of Kelowna? Do they see the headaches that causes?

Secondly: Have you noticed in Vernon, how the drivers handle stop lights in the city? Green, it is fine. Yellow, they just act as if it was green. At a red light, people just keep driving through until the other side starts moving. If they are turning, three or four vehicles can get through, turning left, before the traffic starts moving. Don’t believe me, just watch at any stop light. But the highway is the worst. So what will happen at that intersection? Same stuff. If you put an overpass, it will not stop the flow. The people can join or cross safely and all is good.

But the government does not want this and neither do the stop light people. Extend 20th Street. Good idea, but then others against everything and the stop light people are against it. Upgrade PV Road. Another good idea. However, the BX residents will be up in arms about that. Yes, they have more of a claim to rural living than western Coldstream. So, the government will push ahead with what the want. The mayor will bow down to them and allow it. The stop light people will be angry for some time and then will live with the decision once they see that, hey it works and they did not need a light. OR, they can remember that nothing will be done until at least next year. But by the time it starts, we will have had an election.

They can vote out Eric Foster, and the “I do not listen to the peasants” Liberals May 9 and replace them with someone that will do their bidding properly. Like an independent or some other party.

Michael Olsen