Conservatives challenged

Listening to the leadership candidates for the federal Conservatives prompted me to write this letter.

Political parties have always changed and evolved, but when Canadian Conservatives promote policies from a foreign country that are totally alien to their own conservative history and tradition, I object.

The present party appears to be doing its best to destroy the legacy of the early conservatives who were so instrumental in building Canada.

For example, the first public broadcasting system which later became the CBC was set up by a Conservative government in 1932, and also in 1932, a Conservative government established the first handgun registry.

Today’s Conservatives have made it clear that they don’t like the CBC or gun control and would prefer to either weaken or get rid of them.

Conservatives are supposed to favour their own country’s traditional views and values especially in politics.

The present Canadian Conservatives should really change their name as they have thrown the traditions of their party and country in the rubbish bin.

Instead, they have embraced the ideology of the U.S. Republican Party, which by Canadian standards is extremely right-wing.

Some feel they deserve to be known as “American wannabes masquerading as Canadians,” but I think they should be called the “Republican Party North.” That at least is honest and more accurately reflects the views of those who misleadingly, still call themselves Canadian conservatives.

Sharon Ramsdale