Scott Anderson, good party soldier, announced the B.C. Conservative Party will hold meetings and attempt to become a legitimate contender in a likely quick election call due to a probable minority government.

Unfortunately, facts inconveniently defy this improbability.

In the 2017 election, with more than 1,800,000 votes cast, the BCCP received less than 10,000 — provincewide, total, aggregate.

The B.C. Conservative Party held a leadership race last fall and could not even confirm a leader to contest the 2017 election.

The BCCP has not gained the support of the Conservative Party of Canada nor Conservative parties in nearby provinces.

The BCCP ran the most juvenile, ineffective campaign in recent memory.

The existing board executive, including Mr. Anderson, is in full denial concerning their very real blame for the embarrassment suffered by candidates and committed BCCP members, past and present.

The province is full of small c conservatives who rightly believe the BCCP abandoned them as have the Liberals.

The Interior, and specifically the Okanagan, has historically been a hot bed for the conservative movement and perhaps a new conservative force will soon emerge, similar to the successful Wild Rose Party and the Saskatchewan Party.

It is time that the B.C. Conservative Party becomes a postscript in the annals of history as another failed B.C. political wannabe.

Glen Walushka