Consultation please

Resident frustrated with the actions of the MLA over Stickle Road

I visited a friend named Dave who owns a garage recently.

He asked me if any of my recent letters to The Morning Star involved an opinion on Stickle Road.

I told him that none of them had, but I should opine at least once on the idiocy of not having a light at the corner.

We have a mayor and MLA, Eric Foster,  who have seemingly agreed that there will be no light.

Counterbalancing that are six councillors, who represent the views of the citizenry that there should be a light.

Christy Clark recently said that, “just because people don’t like our decision doesn’t mean we didn’t consult.”

There are people who are permanent residents on the west side of the highway in the RV park who are taking their lives in their hands when they attempt a left-turn to proceed north on the highway.

The same description applies to people attempting a left-turn to go south.

I am amazed nobody has got killed there yet.

In fact, an argument could be made that two young women might be alive today if the speed limit was lowered from that corner to the split with 27th Street, where they crashed and were killed last year trying to navigate a bumpy curve in wet weather.

In addition, 20th Street is becoming a very busy street with cars going through school zones at 20 kilometres per hour above the speed limits.

Finally,  the ecosystem behind Walmart needs to be given some respect.

Once those herons are gone, they are not coming back.

If you are happy with an MLA who apparently feels confident enough of re-election to marginalize what people want and not show up very often to consult with them, he’s all yours.

By consult, I mean, listen to what people have to say and provide them with a reasonable rationale as to why he is not in favour of it.

Consultation doesn’t just mean letting somebody tell you what they want, and then callously disregarding all of their input Mr. Foster and Ms. Clark.

But hey, apparently, that approach has got you elected twice, and I don’t see anything from the NDP that is likely to prevent you coming back to represent the Vernon Monashee riding for another four years.

Dean Roosevelt