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Dangerous stretch of Vernon road deserves fixing

LETTER: Driver concerned with small shoulder on Kal Lake Road

I am writing as I am concerned with winter here that nothing has been done to fix the shoulder of the road on Kal Lake Road between the Alpine Centre and Pryce landscaping.

When this road was redone a few years back, there was very little shoulder added to the east side if you are heading north.

Once it snows it creates a situation where the whole road shifts over a foot or two and vehicles, including my own, are getting sucked into the drop off from the almost non existent shoulder, which is at maximum a foot wide and in some places only six inches.

I drive a truck and find my tires falling off the edge and having to quickly recorrect, which is dangerous.

I have waited several times as vehicles have had to be extracted from that side and my neighbour was hit violently head-on by a vehicle as the driver was forced to over-correct to avoid being sucked into the dirt on that side.

He was quite injured and it could have been even worse.

I have contacted the City of Vernon and have not heard back, but the city must know this is a problem that needs to be fixed before the snow flies. It seems Vernon is dedicated to making our roads as narrow as legally possible and not leaving any room for error.

If you take a look at the vehicles driven in this area, most are larger SUVs or trucks which barely fit in these mini lanes our city is creating.

Lorne Pearson

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